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WIPanalytics is a powerful solution for creating and updating WIP schedules that are fully integrated with VistaTM by Viewpoint. It provides an administrative tool set to allow seamless integration with existing process, and provides additional security to give you more confidence and control over this important process. 

Our fully-integrated solution eliminates WIP information silos by consolidating all monthly WIP data into a single managed data source. The overall result is a far more efficient WIP process that simplifies WIP review meetings, and make it easier to forecast future needs and opportunities. 

WIPanalytics includes a variety of components to provide a complete tool set for managing your WIP process.    Components include:

  • Grouped Jobs - An alternative WIP process for small jobs that allows you to quickly review and adjust small or short term projects.  These small jobs are rolled up on WIP reports by Company/Department/ and Project Manager, allowing you to review these jobs in an efficient manner.

  • Workoff - A tool that allows you to calculate the burn off of unearned revenue, profit, and man hours in to the future.   We provide automated methods for this calculation, or it may be manually overridden, giving you an accurate forecast of future revenues and manpower requirements.  

  • Grouping Control - A feature provides a very flexible means to group and aggregate jobs and contracts in a variety of ways to meet all of your WIP reporting needs.

Multiple dashboards based on historical WIP data provide valuable information to help you better understand how projects have performed over time.  

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vpPROJECTIONS was developed as an alternative method for users to maintain cost projections in Vista by Viewpoint.  It offers a variety of features to make the process of projecting units, hours and cost fast, accurate and secure. 

vpPROJECTIONS offers a variety of tools and methods for calculating accurate cost projections.  The system allows projections to be performed at the Phase-Cost Type or different roll-up levels including Cost type.   Roll-ups are maintained, so even when calculating at the full detail level, projection data is summarized at phase group, cost type and job  levels.

System generated flags indicate a variety of conditions to alert you to items that require attention, such as negative cost/hours/units to go,    over-budget conditions, and gross profit drop.  Automatic projection      updates can be generated that correct conditions such as actual cost/hours/units exceeding projected amounts.  A job close-out function spins through projection detail and sets projected amounts equal to actual amounts at the end of the project. 

The projection forms allow for various inputs (% Complete, Units to Date, Projected Cost/Hours, Cost/Hours to Go, etc.).  Cascading computation methods are controllable by user and can be set at the selected projection level.  

vpPROJECTIONS offers a fast, reliable alternative to existing Vista projection systems, and when used in conjunction with WIPanalytics offers a complete solution for the monthly WIP process. 

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Bidding new work is one of the most critical processes for any construction firm.  Accurate tracking of the status of all upcoming bids can make the difference between winning a job, and coming in second.   BIDanalytics is a powerful solution for tracking bid information and providing a flexible workflow to insure that bids are moving through the process efficiently.  

BIDanalytics allows you to set estimating and capture goals by department by month, and track against those goals, providing you with the information you need to know to manage your company.  


This tool also allows you to add highly probably jobs into the backlog so that the WIPanalytics workoff tool can project the burn off of these jobs along with your existing projects giving you a more compete picture of future revenue and manpower requirements.

When combined with our vpDASHBOARD product, bidding trends, comparison to competitors and other key information can be viewed to improve how you bid in the future.

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Setting up security for new users and related Project Managers can be very time consuming requiring the involvement of several people and working in multiple Vista forms. SECURITYmanager consolidates the user setup into a single form and automates the setup process making the task of adding new users, and maintaining security for existing users, simpler and far more efficient. 

When combined with our vpDASHBOARD product, you can quickly review your system security in a variety of ways to spot potential issues.

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In  today's construction environment every software system is designed to collect data, but unless you can properly use that data to visualize how your projects are running, in a timely manner, that collected data can quickly lose value. 

vpDASHBOARD is a tool that is fully integrated with Vista by Viewpoint, yet runs independent of Vista in an environment that is accessible from your desktop, tablet, or phone.  The dashboards in vpDASHBOARD have been designed by industry experts to provide you with key project data to help insure timely recognition of potential problems that may affect project outcomes.   

A wide variety of visualizations are available to present information in an intuitive manner.

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Implementation Pack

Implementation Pack


VPApps offers a package of tools that are especially useful during the implementation phase of your Vista by Viewpoint software. The package consists of three components that can simplify the initial setup and long-term management of your Vista system.

SECURITYmanager—Setting up security for new users and related Project Managers can be very time consuming, requiring the involvement of several people working in multiple Vista forms. SECURITYmanager consolidates the user setup into a single form and automates the setup process making the task of adding new users, and maintaining security for existing users, simpler and far more efficient.


FORMmanager— Vista offer a variety of options for modifying the behavior of fields on forms, and for arranging custom fields.  Doing this    manually on a field by field basis can be a tedious task.  The FORMmanager provides tools that: 1) allow you to modify field settings from a centralized  location,  2) maintain consistency between users, and 3) maintain settings based on user role. 


REPORTmanager— Vista ships with over 1,000 reports, and most users quickly see the need for modifications to the standard reports, and the need for new reports.   REPORTmanager is a tool for users to log and track report change requests.  The system tracks a variety of information about each  request giving you a historical record of all report modifications on your system.

These three tools can make the implementation, and ongoing maintenance of your Vista system faster and far more efficient.  Dashboards are also included with these tools to provide fast and easy access to key system information.

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Implementation Pack


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