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VPApps Announces ASC606 Support


June 29, 2021

VPApps has released an enhancement to its WIPanalyticsTM system to help contractors comply with the ASC606 accounting standards, allowing selected non-performance costs (e.g., Mobilization, Bonds, uninstalled materials, etc.) to be deferred and amortized based on percentage completion of the project.

VPApps Releases New Cost Projection System

Cost On Target.jpg

March 27, 2018

VPApps has developed an alternative system to the existing Job Cost and Project Management Cost Projections system in Vista TM by Viewpoint.  The new product is referred to as vpPROJECTIONS and offers a variety of features to make the process of projecting units, hours and cost fast, accurate and secure.  vpPROJECTIONS is part of VPApps WIPanalytics product suite.

VPApps Announces New Security Dashboard


January 5, 2018

VPApps today announced a new set of dashboards designed to complement their SECURITYmanager product.   The security dashboards, are built using the powerful Microsoft PowerBI platform.

VPApps Announces DRS Reporting Technology


November 13, 2017

VPApps, the company behind WIPanalytics and BIDanalytics, today announced their Dynamic Reporting Structuring (DRS) technology.  This technology, which supports "on-the-fly" report structuring in SSRS reports, makes the VPApps reporting system far more efficient, reducing the number of overall reports, and giving users more reporting flexibility.  

VPApps Announces New Board Members


September 29, 2017

VPApps announced today that Tom Munro, and Kathy Munro have been appointed to VPApps board of directors.    The two appointments increase the total number of directors to 5, as they join Robert Sutor, Marty Sutor, and Rob Humphreys on the board.  Tom and Kathy bring a wealth of experience to the board.

VPApps Announces BIDanalytics

BidAnalytics small white space.png

September 11, 2017

VPApps today announced the second product in its analytics line, BIDanalytics. This product is being offered alongside the flagship product, WIPanalytics. BIDanalytics is designed to help construction firms keep a close eye on both ongoing bidding activity as well as the remaining work on projects that are in progress.

VPApps Expands Staff With Industry Veterans


June 19, 2017

VPApps, LLC., a provider of software tools that help construction firms get more value from their existing systems, announced today that it has expanded its staff with the addition of Anthony Mavricos and Todd Weber.  Both Anthony and Todd had previous experience working at Viewpoint Construction Software. 

VPApps Welcomes 35 Year Software Veteran Rob Humphreys


May 18, 2017

VPApps, LLC., a provider of software tools that help construction firms get more value from their existing systems, announced today that Rob Humphreys, a thirty-five-year construction software executive, has recently joined the firm as a partner.    

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